Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Final Project

Overall I think this turn out well, with the exception the we didn't get  to print it how we wanted, and some elements of the magazine definitely needs more edits. My classmate and I did put a lot of work into, trying to combine our different ways of designing, and make a cohesive piece to present.

From the critique we were told the magazine has potential, just need to work on the text alignment and style. It is an inspired urban magazine, so we need to make sure each page elements matched that genre.

Here are the final results:

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Progress so far on the final...

This final project is going pretty well. We should be "done" with it by the end of the week, have the pages printed, and then some other final touches.
As we have been working on our magazine, there's been several changes from the original idea, but it is still about music and the content remains the same. We decided to add another spread and really do our best to make it as realistic as possible.
It should turn out well. 

Pics coming soon!