Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Practice in Illustrator

Today in class we went over some basic tools in Adobe Illustrator. Some of them I already knew how to use, but I did learn some new things that I believe will help me in my future work.

These are the exercises what we had to do...8 different ones:

- Transform: Move+Copy
- Transform Again

- Transform: Scale+Copy
- Transform Again

- Image Trace:

- Image Trace
- Stroke: O set Path

- Rotate tool
- Transform Again

- Transform Each
- Transform Again

- Image Trace
- Clipping Mask

- Image Trace
- Transform Again
- Clipping Mask

Here are my results:
Add caption
Stars is #1
Polygon #2
black heart #3
open heart #4
circle #5
rounded rectangle #6
black heart w/ lights $7
drama masks #8

New Year, New Class

So I decided to take D.A. 2 and even tho its only been a couple classes on, I'm eager to see what I will learn this semester. I've been applying concepts I've learned in D.A. 1 to my recent work, so I'm sure the same will happen Fridaym this course. Illustrator isn't as program I have not used often in the part, but lately I have been trying use it more. Hopefully l will understand and follow along without having too much difficulty learning more about it.