Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Sketches of some of my Logo ideas

Here are a few of my ideas of logo for product/services:

This first one was suppose to be for clothing wear that had built in music system. There might be something like it out there, but I was thinking this product would be built into the end of the sleeve (by the wrist). Just a the press of a button and music starts playing.
tired of carrying out a ring of keys. The product holds all of them in one dispense box, that each key is numbered and at the press of a button, the key you need will dispense out. 
A mechanical pencil that will play music as you write with it.
Tutor-quest is an app that will help you with your homework or any other questions you have faster than searching on the internet. 
SoundStation is a cafe/lounge like place where you can pay a small fee to sit and listen to music as you study. Just sit at a station, pick up or plug in your head phones in the sound box and study away.   
This is a app service that is about sending/showing your love for a someone. You can also order things to be sent to them.
A friend of mine has a gift basket business. I was trying to make her an official logo. 

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  1. Wow, great job on the sketches! I could see many of these working well for the next few assignments, but my favorites are: dispensekey #3, the creative beats with the rocket-pencil, and the top-right tel-love grahm logo. Glad to see you came up with a bunch of good ideas. Nice!