Sunday, May 11, 2014

WATCH this...part 4

So this post was meant to be up sooner, but I couldn't get the pics to upload. Finally I figured it out and here we are. I got a couple test models of my watch. One was unintentionally thin and clean because the printer was clogged (which also messed up another test model that wasn't used at all) and the other came out perfect.
We got a heater, something to form the watch around, and got to work. It took some time and cleaver thinking, but we managed to get an idea of how this watch should be in the end. I will make the band and watch face holder into two separated pieces, then just welded them together. Why??? Well, the band won't form around nicely because of how the watch face holder is sized and shaped to the band.
We a few adjustments, I think the next one will be better. In the meantime I plan on making some bracelets as well.

Pics are coming...

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