Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Milwaukee Film Festival

I really want to check out the Milwaukee Film Festival. Last year I learned the hard way and didn't but tickets ahead of time, so I missed the movie I wanted to see. This year I won't make the mistake if I am able to go.
There is one film I know I won't be able to see due to work, but I hope others will is
"Sign Painters" and here's the synopsis:

"An expressive call to return to the handcrafted and tactile before entire city landscapes are swallowed by uninspired homogeneity, "Sign Painters" is an affectionate look behind the curtains of the custom calligraphy and ornate beauty that comprise the trade. With dozens of sign painters as their subjects, co-directors Faythe Levine ("Handmade Nation") and Sam Macon provide an unprecedented glance at the process behind sign painting as well as its history: from the apocalyptic 1980s, when computers and die-cut vinyl lettering with its quick and cheap allure nearly brought the movement to its knees, to its thriving past and hopeful future."

This film would be good for the art students to go check out.

I know for myself I like to learn about other artists and art forms. I think it's cool how this film explores the history of sign painting. Hopefully I'll get to watch it another time!

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