Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Apps are apart of our culture. I think it is interesting how many apps are out there. I believe that if a person who usually has a phone or computer device with apps would go crazy if those apps where taken away. People rely on the apps. Apps can either help with location, make posting pics easier, or just provided entertainment. There are now devices specifically made for apps, since they can take up so much space on devices made for other uses.

 I actually think there's too many preset apps on my phone. I don't even use half of them. There are some I can't even delete or it will cause issues with my phone. I do think many of them can be useful, but others are either similar or just not what I need on my phone.

Anyway, apps have helped in some ways advance us, but I think we have to be careful not to fully rely on them. Somethings can have a glitch or give inaccurate information. So it's best to use them if necessary, but not fully depend on them. I think most are purely for entertainment, but some are meant to make life easier, but there's nothing what try to figure things out on your own.

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