Sunday, September 1, 2013


Hi, my name is Charmion Thomas and I'm a graphic designer. I already consider myself one even though I'm still working toward my degree in graphic design. I would say I've have 3 years related experience and at first it was self taught until I decided to go to school for it. I've been an artist most of life having been interested in mostly everything art related. I love to draw, paint, do photography, and design. I use my skills in graphic design to make invitations, flyers, posters, cards, etc. I want to learn more and expand my skills in more areas such as web design and interactive media. So I'm looking forward to seeing what I'll learn in digital applications and apply it to my future work. I also look forward to getting to know and interact with my classmates. I know we are all from different walks of life, but there's something to learn from one another. It will be interesting to see everyone's work and be able to collaborate or get pointers from each other.

My logo best represents me because it reminds me of the business I'd like to have someday and I love to express myself artistically. It is actually one of the first logos I've made and I'm not very expreience with making them. This logo might change but it will always be a reminder from where I got started and where I want to be.

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